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Article: Simple and effective summer skincare routine

Enkel og effektiv sommer hudpleierutine

Simple and effective summer skincare routine

There are many far more enjoyable things to spend your time on on holiday than your skin care routine. It can be tempting to skip the evening make-up, please read here before you do it:

During the day, waste products, sunscreen, dead skin cells and make-up collect on the skin, which gives rise to clogged pores, skin irritation and pimples. If you want a nice summer glow, there is no way around a good skin care routine. But it doesn't have to take long!

Get your skincare routine done in 1-2-3!


Cleanse your face every night. Save time by using a facial cleanser that also removes make-up.


Tanned (or sunburned 🌞🍤) skin needs moisture and care. Vitamin serum packed with antioxidants improve the skin's antioxidant stock and give glow.


If you have young or oily skin, in the warm months you can try dropping the face cream after the serum. For all other skin types and for mature skin, we recommend that you end your evening routine with a good and nourishing night cream.

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