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Our cookie policy

Information cookies (also called "cookies") and similar technology are used on to improve the site's performance and subsequently create a better user experience for visitors. In some cases, cookies are also used to provide a better insight into visitors' interests and needs, so that the information offered can be adapted to these.
Privacy is very important to us, and the purpose of the guidelines is to show that we take privacy seriously. Should you have questions related to how your personal data is processed, you can read through our privacy policy here. You can also of course contact us directly, and we will assist in answering any questions you may have. In such cases, you can send an e-mail to

1. Applicable parties

The guidelines for cookies on apply to Ankerstjerne's goals and activities in the geographical areas in which we operate (hereinafter referred to as "Dr.Ankerstjerne AS" or "we").
We are the data controller who collects and processes the personal information you provide on our website (hereinafter called " ").

2. What a cookie is

In this policy, "cookies" refers to cookies and similar technologies.
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet by the website you visit. The file contains the address of the website and the codes that your browser sends back to this website every time you visit a page there. The goal is for a website to recognize your device and store information about your preferences or past activities. That way, your visit can be adapted to your needs and create a better user experience for you.

3. Information cookies we use

There are a number of types of cookies, and those used on can be:

  • Session-dependent cookies: Cookies that are automatically deleted when you close your browser. These therefore expire after each session/visit;
  • Permanent cookies: Cookies that are not automatically deleted, but remain stored on your device until a defined expiry date. These can be used for a number of purposes, such as remembering preferences and choices you have made on or for targeted advertising.

  • First-party cookies: Set by , with the aim of improving your user experience.

  • Third-party cookies: Set by a website belonging to a different domain than , which is displayed in the address field of the browser.

4. Categorization of cookies used

Information cookies used on are categorized as follows:

Necessary cookies

This includes strictly necessary cookies that are needed for the operation of . These are often necessary for you to be able to move around our website. In addition, functionality capsules are used which help to improve performance and design at . These cookies improve the functionality and personalization of , and can be set by us or by a third-party provider (if their services have been added to our pages).

You can at any time ask your browser to block or notify you about these cookies, but you should then be aware that all or parts of may not work. In some cases, it will not be possible to view the content on without consent to such cookies.

Cookies for audience measurement

These are cookies that enable us to measure important events, such as the number of visits, most visited pages and visitors' navigation patterns on the page. Among other things, this helps us understand which content is most popular and is intended to create a better user experience for visitors to . Audience measurement cookies include analytical technology and are information that can be aggregated.
So-called "web servers" will also from time to time be used, which are cookies that count the number of visitors who come to after being exposed to one of our banners on a third-party website. This is only used to analyze the effectiveness of the advertisements and your data is not collected.

Targeted cookies

These are installed on by our marketing partners and are used to be able to show you relevant advertisements that suit your interests and preferences. Such cookies can identify your specific browser and device, as well as collect information related to your visit to . It could be, for example, which website you saw our ad on, whether you visited directly or indirectly and which downloads were made.

In addition to these, there are also cookies in use on some of the pages on that communicate with third-party data providers. The idea behind these is to ensure that advertising will be more targeted in the future, and the data collected will be a summary of, among other things, online behaviour, demographics, lifestyle and product interest.
We rely on your consent to use the majority of cookies. You can give or withdraw previously given consent at any time, but remember that if we don't have your consent, we won't be able to improve either.

5. Program used on

For more information about cookies for programs we use, see here:

Cookies for audience measurement:

Targeted cookies:

6. How long cookies will be stored

Persistent cookies will be stored on your device for a maximum of 13 months.

7. How you can adapt your wishes for cookies on

Accept and/or decline cookies
When you visit for the first time with a new device, you will be asked to approve the use of cookies. You cannot refuse necessary cookies, but for example analytical cookies and targeted cookies will need your consent. You will see a pop-up that will allow you to choose to accept or decline.

You can also make changes at any time by either:

  • Using the "Cookie Management Tool".
  • Set your browser to automatically accept or reject cookies.

Remember that you need to configure the browsers on all your devices, which may have different ways of doing this. Also be aware that by not giving consent to the use of cookies, there may be many functions on that will no longer work. Your user experience may therefore be affected.

Disable specific cookies

  • You can disable cookies from "Google Analytics" by downloading the module available here .

  • You can disable the LinkedIn Insight Tag by modifying your user settings here .

8. Changes to this Cookie Policy

If necessary, Ankerstjerne can make changes to these guidelines for the use of cookies. These terms are likely to change in accordance with the entry into force of the Personal Data Protection Regulation. It may take up to 30 business days for privacy measures to be implemented, so it is recommended that you visit this page regularly to not miss any changes.

9. Complaints

If you have a privacy-related complaint against us, you can address the complaint by e-mail or letter in accordance with international rules for handling complaints and inquiries. Should you be dissatisfied with the answers you receive, you can then seek further help by contacting the relevant superior authority or court.

10. Contact Ankerstjerne AS

Should you feel that you still have questions or that information is missing, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions. You can also send an email to our data protection representative by sending an email to