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Privacy policy

Oslo Sep. 2018

At Dr.Ankerstjerne AS we want to be open about how we treat your personal information. We take privacy seriously because it is about respect for you as a user of our website and for you as a customer. We have developed a policy on how your personal data will be processed and protected under applicable law.

Personal data stored

Personal data is any form of data, information and information that can be linked to and identify a person, such as name, national identity number, telephone number or image. Full information on privacy can be found at

This Privacy Statement applies to the collection and use of personal information on the website and in connection with purchases in online store and other inquiries to Dr.Ankerstjerne AS.

Your rights

You have the right to access your personal data which Dr.Ankerstjerne AS has registered in accordance with applicable legislation. You may at any time request this information. You may also, at any time, ask us to delete or correct your personal information provided that we are not obliged to keep it in accordance with applicable law or any other obligation we may have.

Request for transparency, alteration or deletion of information must be sent in writing to or to Dr.Ankerstjerne AS, Pb. 3324 Sørenga 0140 Oslo, Norway, mark your inquiry privacy policy.

You have the right to appeal to the Data Inspectorate if you find that your personal data is not processed in accordance with this declaration.

What personal information are we dealing with

When shopping on, registration of the following information is a prerequisite for the purchase to be completed:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • E-mail address
  • Brief Information
  • Delivery Address

This is necessary to be able to send your order to the correct shipping address, keep up to date with the order movements and contact you if it is needed according to your order.

We are required to keep order information in connection with accounting, tax handling and any warranty / return handling. This history is deleted after ten years. We also store the IP address used for ordering for security reasons.

In connection with purchases and inquiries we will also store:

  • Purchase history, including the type of item you purchased and when you purchased them
  • Service status, service history, returns and complaints.

Archiving of personal information

The Accounting Act requires us to store transaction data for 5 years, but in order to safeguard the rights of customers in connection with the warranty and claim pursuant to the Consumer Purchase Act, the Buying Act and our sales conditions, we store purchase history for 10 years.

Securing personal information

As a user of and as a customer of Dr.Ankerstjerne AS, you must be assured that Dr. Ankerstjern stores and processes your personal information in accordance with applicable law. Dr.Ankerstjerne AS has good routines and extensive measures to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to your personal information. Examples of such measures are risk assessments, implementation of organizational and physical measures, access management and filing routines, as well as procedures for managing data and following up requests for access, correction and deletion rights.

Use of cookies

We use cookies or cookies to improve the user experience on the Website. A cookie is a text file that when viewed or interacted with a website is placed in your browser’s internal memory. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change the settings yourself so that cookies are not accepted.The inconvenience of disabling cookies in the browser yours is that the site will not work optimally. The reason is that the purpose of most of the cookies we use is to provide precisely the functionality on the Website, such as that the Website should be able to remember what you have put in the shopping cart.

We also use tools other than cookies to obtain information about your IP address, the type of browser you are using, your broadband provider, operating system, date and time of visit to the Site, as well as some data on how to navigate the page. We use this information to analyze trends so that we can make the Website more user-friendly.

Delivery of goods

We cooperate with Bring for the transportation of goods. We provide personal information that is necessary for them to deliver the goods to you. The information shared with the carriers is the name, address, telephone number and the desired delivery point. The information is deleted within 36 months.

Payment Solutions

All systems that process personal information related to the payment of orders are strictly limited to employees who perform the necessary tasks related to the order. For security reasons, we keep history containing the IP address we receive orders from. Payment information is: IP address, name, address, email and mobile phone number.

Card Payments

Card numbers are not stored beyond what is necessary to ensure effective handling of any issues with charge, cancellation of reservation and credit.

If you choose cards as a payment method, payment information and card details will be shared with our payment provider for cards: Stripe and Paypal. Payment and card details are only used to make a payment.

Personal data to third parties

Dr.Ankerstjerne AS does not disclose, share, sell or transfer your personal information in any other way than described in the Privacy Statement.

Your data will only be shared if we are legally obliged or get your consent. Partners will only gain access to the information if this is necessary to perform services for Dr. Ankerstjerne AS, eg. in connection with handling of shipments. In such cases, data processing agreements are entered into to safeguard information security.


We may make changes to this Privacy Statement, for example, as a consequence of making changes to the structure or functionality of the Site. If we make significant changes, we will inform about this on the Website.


Do you want Dr.Ankerstjerne AS to delete your information or you want to get the personal information we have stored about you so please contact us at:

Dr.Ankerstjerne AS 917973261
Pb. 3324 Sørenga
0140 Oslo, Norway