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Article: Good cleaning routines

Gode renserutiner

Good cleaning routines

Good cleansing routines are essential if you want healthy skin, as impurities that accumulate in the skin lead to pimples and irritation, among other things. Do you forget to clean your skin in the evening? Then the skin can take on a dull, gray appearance and lose its glow. The first step towards fresh skin with more glow is good daily cleansing routines. When you clean your face morning and night, you remove dead skin cells, make-up, waste products and dirt that clog the pores.

Choose products that do not have a drying effect on the skin

Healthy skin needs a healthy skin barrier. Cleansing products you use should therefore be effective without drying out the skin or putting unnecessary strain on the skin's barrier. This is because dehydrated skin easily develops irritation with itching, redness, pimples and impurities, and skin in imbalance is more susceptible to harmful external influences.

A common mistake many people make is trying to fight blemishes and breakouts with frequent washing, vigorous exfoliation or drying out the skin. In the worst case, this can exacerbate the problem. The skin goes into defense mode. Sebum production is increased, which in turn leads to more impurities, irritation and pimples.

A face cleanser that cleans in depth

WASH the day off from Dr. Ankerstjerne is an effective and at the same time gentle facial cleanser that creates an optimal base in the skin care routine. The ingredients have been chosen for their soothing and moisturizing properties, and the perfume-free washing gel cleans in depth without drying out the skin. Make-up and dirt are effectively removed and the skin is left brilliantly clean and soft. WASH the day off is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions, including those who struggle with dry or sensitive skin.

Dr. Ankerstjerne is skin care developed for Scandinavian conditions, produced by the Norwegian doctor couple Stine and Andre Ankerstjerne. With their medical background, the couple have created a cosmeceutical range consisting of few, but highly effective, skin care products that keep their promises. In the series you will find, among other things, facial cleanser , facial cream and serum . Read more about the series here on the website and find tips in our skincare blog.

URBAN PROTECTION day cream Sale price850 NOK
URBAN PROTECTION day cream Sale price850 NOK
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