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active scandinavian skincare

Developed by Norwegian doctors for Scandinavian conditions!

Dr. Ankerstjerne has revolutionsed skin care by making advanced skin care easy to use. Each product contains active ingredients that provide high power and broad spectrum results – which means you need to use fewer products in your skin care regime! Superior results, innovative science and natural ingredients are the key words behind this brand. All the products have been developed with a focus on strengthening the skin’s own defense mechanisms, reducing skin signs of aging, and preventing damage caused by air pollution and UV rays.

Advanced Skin Care – Simple Routines


Meet the doctors dr.Ankerstjerne

Stine and Andre Ankerstjerne are the doctors and founders behind Dr.Ankerstjerne. With professional expertise, Dr. Ankerstjerne revolutionizes advanced skin care by making cosmeceuticals easy to use! Each product contains multiple active ingredients that complement each other and provide high power and a broad spectrum of effects. This reduces the number of required products in the skin care routine, resulting in a simple regime that actually works.

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Developed in Norway
Made in Denmark

We believe in documentation!

Independent clinical studies have been performed to document the effects of our products. When we say that our products reduce wrinkles and improve skin quality, it is because we have proof of it!

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