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developed by norwegian doctors

Exercise maid's winter favorites

“I can, with my heart, recommend Dr. Ankerstern’s skincare series! Especially love the cleanser which is a must every morning and evening. It gives an incredibly good sense of” purity “and you realize what I mean when you have tested it! ”
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Skin Care with Effect – Christmas Gift of the Year!

Give mom or sister a glow in this year’s Christmas gift – the skin care products from Dr. Ankerstjerne have a proven effect and are easy to use!
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dr ankerstjerne

Møt legene bak dr.Ankerstjerne

Meet the doctors behind Dr.Ankerstjerne

Stine and Andre Ankerstjerne are the doctors and entrepreneurs
behind Dr. Ankerstjerne. With this professional expertise
Dr. Ankerstjerne is revolutionizing skin care by marking
cosmeceuticals easy to use!
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behind our products


Developed in Norway
Made in Denmark

Skin Care with Effect - Christmas Gift of the Year!

Ønsk deg en julegave som faktisk virker - hudpleieproduktene fra Dr. Ankerstjerne har dokumentert effekt og er enkle i bruk! Dr. Ankerstjerne har på rekordtid blitt en s

How to preserve the summer glow!

Summer glow, healthy and beautiful skin! Doctor and foundation couple Stine and Andre Ankerstärn have together created Dr. Ankerstjerne. The keywords behind the series a