Do you want it all right away? THE SET is Dr. Ankerstjernes’s recommendation for a perfect skin care routine!


  • SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamin face gel 50 ml
  • ANTI-POLLUTION day cream 50 ml
  • ANTI-AGE nigth cream 50 ml
  • WASH the day off 150 ml
  • Free shipping in Norway
  • Developed by doctors
  • Clinically proven effect



Do you want it all… at once? THE SET is Dr. Ankerstjerne’s recommendation for a perfect skin care routine! This easy-to-use kit with advanced skin care products is all you need for a complete and effective skin care routine. Each product contains a perfect cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, active ingredients and nutrition for the skin. All of the products have been chosen to complement each other and provide a broad spectrum of results. This reduces the number of required products in the skin care routine, making it easy to use products that actually work.

THE SET is the perfect complete skin care kit –at a great price. We love it! Hope your wonderful skin agrees with us!


THE SET is the complete skin care kit – everything you need in your skin care routine!  
  • SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamin facegel: The fast-absorbing face gel can be used alone, like a serum under your day or night cream, as an eye gel, and on cheekbones whenever you want to add extra moisture and glow.
  • ANTI-POLLUTION daycream 50 ml: Light to medium rich day cream is used in the morning.
  • ANTI-AGE night cream 50ml: Rich and nourishing night cream is used evening / morning and evening.
  • WASH the day off 150 ml: Face wash. Light and foamy gel, apply on moisturized skin and rinsed with water. Use it evening / morning and evening.


  • SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamin facegel 50 ml
  • ANTI-POLLUTION daycream 50 ml
  • ANTI-AGE nigth cream 50 ml
  • WASH the day off 150 ml