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About us


Meet Dr. Stine and Dr. Andre Ankerstjerne! The Danish-Norwegian couple are the founders of the Norwegian skin care label Dr. Ankerstjerne.


We have developed a series of luxury quality products specifically aimed at Scandinavian conditions!

Our goal is to revolutionize the way you think about advanced skin care. The keywords are simple skin care routines combined with advanced cosmeceutical products. High concentration of ingredients that act synergistically in the skin and provide the actual effect that is to look, feel and measure.


“We’ve got proof”!

The skin care market is full of brands that all make claims to improve or reduce or fix skin problems. Most of these rely on generic information that exists about certain ingredients that they may choose to use.

At Dr Ankerstjerne, we believe in science and documentation. So we’ve arranged for independent clinical studies to be performed on all of our products.  This means we are able to not only sell you products that work, but we can also share the truth behind what you can expect. 


We believe that effective skin care should be easy to use!

Heavy duty, multi-stage skin care routines belong in the past. We live in a fast-paced world, and deserve honest and uncomplicated skin care products. That’s why our range is made up of a handful of products that can be used across all skin types, ages and weather conditions.

Dr Ankerstjerne is about fewer products that do more for your skin, resulting in skin that leaves you looking and feeling good. We are skin geeks and proud of it!



Yours in good skin care Stine and Andre

We believe that effective skin care should be easy to use!



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