About Dr. Ankerstjerne

Developed by Norwegian doctors for Scandinavian conditions

Dr. Ankerstjerne is high quality skincare developed for Scandinavian conditions with a philosophy of making advanced skincare easy to use!

Developed by the Norwegian medical couple Stine and Andre Ankerstjerne, who, with their medical background, have created a cosmeceutical series with few but very effective skincare products – that provide long lasting results! High concentrations of active ingredients and multiple ingredients in each product means that you can reduce the number of necessary skin care products in your routine, and at the same time get superior anti-aging results.

Stine and Andre created Dr. Ankerstjerne as a reaction to the existing skin care trend with overly complicated multi-step skin care routines.

Dr.Stine says “We were tired of the existing skin care trend with time consuming complicated skin care programs. This had to be done better and easier! We wanted to optimize and remove unnecessary steps, making sure that you as a consumer are guaranteed both fantastic results and an easy-to-use skin care routine. “

Advanced skin care - simple skin care routines

After 5 years of research, product development, laboratory testing and clinical studies, Stine and Andre launched Dr.Ankerstjerne in the autumn of 2018.

Our vision is simple and clear: We want to make advanced skin care easy to use. Our skin care series consists of a few high quality products, each of which have many active ingredients. This means that you can reduce the number of necessary skin care products and at the same time increase the effect. The wide range of ingredients means that the products can be used regardless of age and skin type.

Om Dr. Ankerstjerne

We believe that effective skin care should be easy to use!

Documentation of effect - products that actually keep their promises!

As doctors, Stine and Andre are very concerned with scientific documentation. It is crucial for us that the products actually have the effects we want. To ensure this all products have been through numerous independent clinical studies where the effect has been documented and proven on a large number of effect measures. The active ingredients used in our products are carefully selected based on effects that have been documented through research. This is to guarantee that our skin care products are of the highest quality that they actually keep what they promise.

We hope your wonderful skin agrees with us.

The best skingeek greetings from Stine & Andre
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