Skin types

Our skincare products cover all your skincare needs through an intensified and simple skincare routine, consisting of a few but effective multi-tasking products. Each product contains a variety of active ingredients, reducing the number of necessary skin care products while increasing the effectiveness of the products. Every product has several uses, and the wide range of ingredients allows them to be used regardless of age and skin types.


The way the products from Dr. Ankerstar are used may differ depending on the type of skin you have. Under each skin type category you will find our recommendations for different skin types:

  • Combined Skin

    Not sure what type of skin you have? Do you feel as if you have both dry and oily skin interchangeably? Then you may have combined skin. Finding products that meet the different needs when you have such a skin type may seem hopeless, but Dr. Ankerstjerne offers skin care that suits all skin types, including combination skin. See products.
  • Oily skin

    Glossy and shiny skin, uneven texture, open pores and/or acne – if this sounds familiar, you probably have oily skin. Know that with a good skincare routine you will be able to obtain more balanced skin. You can find products that are best suited for your skin type here on the website. See products.
  • Normal skin

    If you have a normal skin type, you may not think much about the needs of your skin as you don’t notice much about it. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of your skin – normal skin needs good skin care routines like other skin types. You can find skin care products suitable for normal skin here at Dr. Ankerstjerne. See products.
  • Dry skin

    If you have dry skin, you are probably familiar with the experience of tightness, irritation, and itching. It can occur everywhere on the body, but the face is especially at risk. This type of skin needs moisturizing, and you will be able to find a number of products here with us that will ensure that the skin acquires both the necessary nutrients and sufficient moisture. See products.
  • Sensitive skin

    Many people with sensitive skin find it difficult to find products that the skin does not react to. Some may find that the skin responds with inflammation or redness, while others may get dry skin with a rash. It is often difficult for those of you with sensitive skin to find skin care products that fit your skin. We’ve taken that into account. See products.
  • Large pores

    Large or rough pores are very common, but for many this is considered annoying and troublesome. There are skincare routines that can help prevent and improve large pores, and Dr. Ankerstjerne has the products that will help you on your way. See products.
  • Age spots

    Age spots are darker areas of the skin that are often seen in places the skin has been exposed to a lot of sun. UV rays are the predominant reason why the age spots occur, but there are other factors that can also affect the development of age spots, such as hormonal diseases, pregnancy, aging, and the use of contraceptives. In our skincare line you will be able to find products that prevent and help improve the appearance of age spots. See products.
  • Eczema

    Eczema attacks the skin in a variety of ways. Typically, the extent of the eczema outbreak varies over time. In some periods, the eczema is more pronounced, while the skin at other times is in a calm phase, with no signs of eczema.
    Active eczema often needs to be treated with drugs. When your eczema is in a quiet phase, your skincare routine and choice of skincare products can help keep your eczema in check. Some products strengthen the skin barrier through the active ingredients, while others act to soothe irritated skin. See what products we recommend for to those of you with a tendency to eczema.
  • Pregnant

Also remember that in addition to different skin types, there are different skin conditions. Examples of these include mature skin, dehydrated skin and sensitive skin. While skin types are something we are born with, skin conditions can change over the course of our lives. In the case of skin care, you should keep skin conditions in mind, especially when choosing your skin care products.