Scandi Skincare – Effective & Effortless

Dr.Ankerstjerne is high quality skincare developed for an active and urban lifestyle with a philosophy of making advanced skincare easy to use! 

Female founded – Family owned. Developed by the Norwegian doctors Dr. Stine and Dr. Andre Ankerstjerne, who with their medical background have created a skincare series with few and highly effective skincare products suitable for all skin types and ages.


We believe in enjoying an active and urban lifestyle. Our products are developed to protect the skin from air pollution and UV radiation, the two most harmful influences, that cause oxidative stress, damage and premature aging of the skin. The structure of the skin is improved and old damages are repaired.

High concentrations of active ingredients and numerous ingredients in each product mean that you can reduce the number of necessary skin care products in your routine and at the same time improve, protect and strengthen your skin. 

Hudpleie utviklet for skandinaviske forhold

The products have been thoroughly tested in double-blind, 8 weeks long clinical studies. Independent dermatologists have performed advanced 3D examinations of the skin of the test subjects before and after the test period. The impressive study results show that with regular use, wrinkles are reduced and skin moisture content, tightness and elasticity are improved.

All products are vegan and free from parabens and microplastics