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Tocopherol – Vitamin E

The generation of free oxygen radicals/oxidative stress is believed to play an important pathogenic role in the development of various disorders. More than other tissues, the skin is exposed to numerous environmental chemical and physical agents causing oxidative stress. Vitamin E is the major naturally occurring lipid-soluble, non-enzymatic antioxidant protecting skin from the adverse effects of oxidative stress including photoaging. Its chemistry and its physiological function as a major antioxidative and anti-inflammatory agent, have previously been described by summarizing animal studies, in vivo tests on human skin and biochemical in vitro investigations. Many studies document that vitamin E occupies a central position as a highly efficient antioxidant, thereby providing possibilities to decrease the frequency and severity of pathological events in the skin. We have added pure tocopherol in ANTI-AGE nightcream, URBAN PROTECTION daycream and SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamingel. In addition there are natural occuring vitamin E in ANTI-AGE night cream due to the content of apricot kernel oil and rosehips fruit oil.