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Tocopherol – Vitamin E

Tocopherol is a naturally occurring form of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is the major naturally occurring lipid-soluble, non-enzymatic antioxidant protecting skin from the adverse effects of oxidative stress including photoageing. Its chemistry and its physiological function as a major anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory agent, have previously been described by summarizing animal studies, in vivo tests on human skin and biochemical in vitro investigations. Many studies document that vitamin E occupies a central position as a highly efficient antioxidant, thereby providing possibilities to decrease the frequency and severity of pathological events in the skin. Whilst relatively well known for its moisturising and anti-ageing properties, Vitamin E can also help with:

    • Fighting off free radicals (which are a result of daily stressors like UV/ air pollution).  This protects the skin from further damage
    • Reducing pigmentation
    • Promoting circulation (which may also help reduce scarring caused by acne, sun damage and even burns)

We have added pure tocopherol in ANTI-AGE night cream, URBAN PROTECTION day cream and SUPERFOOD multipurpose face gel. In addition there is also vitamin E in our ANTI-AGE night cream due to the content of apricot kernel oil and rosehips fruit oil.