Rosehip fruit oil – Apricot kernel oli – Evening primerose oil





ANTI-AGE nightcream contains multiple natural oils: Rosehip fruit oil, Apricot kernel oil and Evening primrose oil. They all contain high levels of unsaturated fatty acids which is important for skinbarrier function, softening and smoothing of  the skin. Rosehip fruit oil and evening primrose oil have high levels of the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid, which the body cannot produce itself, and is important for skin barrier function and reducing skin water loss. In addition Evening primrose oil is known for it’s content of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which in the body forms to DGLA, a precursor of Prostaglandins, which are important anti-inflammatory mediators. Rosehip fruit oil is also known to have a high level of antioxidant action due to it`s content of polyphenols, vitamin C and B. Together with apricot oil, Rosehip fruit oil is a natural source of vitamin-A and the fatsoluble antioxidant vitamin-E.