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Info for Skin Geeks

The skin is our largest organ. It has an fantastic ability to adapt, renew and heal as a result of the environmental, chemical and physical impacts it is exposed to every day. As skin geeks we are completely amazed by the impressive mechanisms that make this fantastic organ regenerate and protect it self. Our goal is to facilitate these processes, making the skin perform and thrive even better. By making skincare products that contain multiple active wonders and a broad, well balanced spectrum of nutrient, vitamins, antioxidants we believe we can.

Hope your amazing skin agrees with us!

We believe in documented effects!

That is why all of our products have been clinically tested by third-party dermatologists! By using advanced dermatological equipment, like 3D-microscopic scanners, the skin of real people have been evaluated before and after using our products regularly. Important parameters like depth and length of wrinkles, skin firmness, skin elasticity and moist have been studied. The results are amazing on all of the above parameters.

Natural ageing in skincells

With ageing the dynamic interaction between skin cells and supporting fibers in the skin/dermis is reduced. This leads to reduction and disorganisation of the collagen network and the elastic fibres in the skin. Which again leads to reduction of mechanical properties, revealing the signs of ageing like wrinkles and loss of elasticity and firmness. These are the processes we aim to counteract when we develop anti-age skincare.

Airpollution effects on human skin

Air pollutants are numerous and come in different forms: Particulate Matters (microparticles derived from combustion and dust), gas and harmful chemicals (fertilisers, metals, dioxin, aldehydes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). These pollutants act alone or in combination with each other on human health. Analysis of the data collected in 2012 by the World Health Organisation showed air pollution is responsible for seven million premature deaths(WHO, 2014). Cigarette smoke, engines, and more generally all the combustion of fossil fuels produce highly toxic compounds which can be carried by the Particulate Matters also produced. Particulate Matters vary in sizes from the largest and most visible (>10 μm), to ultrafine particles not visible for the human eye (<0.1 μm, or a thousand times smaller than a hair). Some particles are so thin that it seems possible that they penetrate through the pores of the skin. The harmful chemical compounds they carry could then also penetrate and exert their toxic, inflammatory, pro-oxidant actions and DNA damage while helping to accelerate skin ageing. These are the processes we aim to counteract when we develop anti-pollution skincare.