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Gatuline In-tense

Our ANTI-AGE nightcream contains the innovative active ingredient Gatuline In-tense which targets the loss of cellular dynamism and reinforces skin architecture. This ingredient is a natural product, derived from flowers. Gatuline Intense acts on the skin’s natural lifting properties, for a firmer skin with significantly reduced wrinkles.  Gatuline In-tense stimulates fibroblast activity, boosts cellular dynamism and thus reorganizes and tightens the collagen fiber network.

Laboratory studies have shown that Gatuline In-Tense stimulates the skin cells in the dermis to significantly contract the collagen fibers with the potential effects of both lifting and increasing firmness. These effects have been further been substantiated by placebo controlled clinical studies, which shows a significant visual anti-wrinkle effect by reducing both the depth and length of facial wrinkles.