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How to preserve the summer glow!

Summer glow, healthy and beautiful skin!

Doctor and foundation couple Stine and Andre Ankerstärn have together created Dr. Ankerstjerne. The keywords behind the series are few but very effective products, which keep what they promise.

We call our products a shortcut to beautiful, healthy and radiant skin. Because even in a busy everyday morning with simple grips you can care, protect and strengthen the skin. Stine goes on to tell; The trend today is that we all have to run faster and faster to reach everything, in all arenas. I don’t have time to use time-consuming multi-step skincare programs every morning. I think the same is true for many others. When we develop products, we want to counteract the time squeeze we are often in. That is why we have made effective skincare easy and quick to use. The goal is that skin care routines should not spend up your precious time, while ensuring that our products actually protect, nourish and improve your skin.

Our best tips for preserving the summer glow!

The skin radiates after a long summer holiday. Fresh glow and fine freckles on the nose. You feel like never before and ready to face everyday life – but every year the same thing happens – as soon as we’re back from vacation, your skin suddenly looks gray and dull! It is almost as if you lose the summer glow as soon as you sit on the plane home! We have compiled our best tips for those who want to keep your summer glow longer.

Hydration, vitamins and antioxidants

The skin is nice in summer! But sun, bathing and wind dry out the skin. Therefore, the fine skin on the face needs extra TLC during and after the holiday. Adding plenty of moisture will help keep your skin soft and resilient. You should therefore choose skin care products that add plenty of moisture to the skin. Also, serum should be used during and after the holidays. The strong summer sun we have been exposed to in recent months has intense UV rays. In addition to being able to cause sunburn, these will also cause a significant amount of oxidative stress to the skin. This is the main cause of premature aging of the skin. In the short term, it contributes to irritation, redness and loss of moisture in the skin. UV rays quickly use up the skin’s own stock of antioxidants. Therefore, there should be plenty of antioxidants and vitamins to counteract oxidative stress.

Stine’s recommendation for summer skin glow

I am incredibly pleased with all of our products and an absolute must when it comes to glow, moisture and resilience in our skin is ours SUPERFOOD. It is an ultra moisturizing facial gel that provides the skin with plenty of moisture, vitamins and antioxidants. A real boost that gives the skin an instant glow and resilience right after application. In addition to the immediately visible effects, we are very proud of long-term effects, which are seen over time. Clinical studies have shown that by using SUPERFOOD firmly over time, the skin’s tightness and elasticity will improve, while reducing wrinkles.

Fresh skin is fine skin!

Are you afraid that exfoliation will remove the summer tan faster? Then you are not the only one. Many people fail to exfoliate the skin when they get a little tan, because they want to ‘keep the color as long as possible’. But in fact, instead, the summer glow will disappear faster. Dead skin cells, make-up, waste and dirt clog pores, giving the skin a sad gray look. In addition, the impurities in the skin can cause comedoms (blackheads), irritation and acne. A good skin care routine where the skin is cleansed and skin cells and dirt removed gives the skin a fresh look and you will maintain the summer glow for an extended period of time. Stine tells; I apply facial cleanser with a facial brush several times a week. It provides a gentle and effective exfoliation, which neither irritates the skin nor breaks down the skin barrier. 

Further protection

Throughout the summer holidays you have looked after your skin like an eagle to avoid being sunburned. But now the summer holidays are over – you’re back in the middle of the busy day right where you got away with morning meetings, team building, workouts and play appointments. Then it is very easy to forget to protect the skin further. The calendar writes only August, and there are still many summer days and sunshine hours left this year. And remember – there can be strong UV rays even on the days it is cloudy! With URBAN PROTECTION daycream in your skincare routine, we have made it easy to protect your skin so you may focus on other things. We have created the ultimate day cream that protects both from the sun’s UV rays and from the harmful effects of air pollution. Best of all – it penetrates very well, does not settle as a film on the skin and does not feel like a sunscreen. It should be both comfortable and easy to protect the skin, whether on the bike on the way to work or on the coffee deal in the sun.

Other sun protection insights

Are you among those unsure of how much sunscreen a face cream should have? Solar Factor 30 filters away 97% of the UVB rays, while Solar Factor 50 filters away 98% of the UVB rays. This is a disappearing little difference! Therefore, how often and how often you apply the cream, as well as sweating, has a lot more to say than if you choose solar factor 50 or 30. However, it is important that the product also has UVA protection! Solar Factor 50 is difficult to combine with other active mechanisms of action, and most often feels less comfortable to use than products with Sun Factor 30. Day cream with Sun Factor 30 with UVA protection which also has anti-age effects is therefore the best option for most of us.

URBAN PROTECTON daycream > is the perfect skin protection in a busy everyday life – an absolute must-have!

  • SPF 30 UVB
  • UVA protection
  • 24% wrinkle length reduction *
  • Increased skin tightness and elasticity *
  • Fantastic anti-age properties *
  • Protects against the harmful effects of air pollution

* shown in clinical trials after 8 weeks of use

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SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamn facegel – 850 NOK


WASH the day off face wash – 290 NOK

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