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You must know about Serum!


What is a Serum?

We get quite a lot of questions about serum. What exactly is a serum? Why are these drops so important? How are they used? As a consumer, one can easily get lost in the serum jungle. For us as skin nests, this provided a wonderful challenge – making it the ultimate serum! The only serum you need – regardless of the problem, skin type, age and skin condition. Our result is SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamin facegel – a serum that is much more than just a serum!

We have gathered information based on the most common questions we as doctors and skin care experts get about serum, as well as answers to why our SUPERFOOD is the ultimate serum.


Serum is a concentrated product that contains higher concentrations of active ingredients than are commonly found in other types of skin care products. A serum forms the basis of the skin care routine and the purpose of using serum is to intensify the effect and produce results. Serum acts as a catalyst that enhances the effect of skin care and makes the products used subsequently more effective.

A serum is usually more watery and lighter in consistency than face creams. The fat content is usually lower in serum, which means that the product is absorbed quickly and penetrates deep into the skin.

Typically, serum is designed to resolve specific skin conditions over time. For example, it may be to reduce hyperpigmentation, reduce wrinkles, add moisture, suppress inflammation and irritation. There is also a type of serum that provides a short-lived but immediate firming effect. These are called ashpot serum, and a rapid immediate effect but are not developed to have effect over time.

We wanted both long-term effects and immediate glow!

Therefore, our SUPERFOOD is designed to be a serum that gives you both long-term results and one adds immediate effect to the skin. SUPERFOOD is packed with active ingredients. We have combined these so that the skin is also supplemented with a perfect vitamin and antioxidant cocktail, which works through all skin layers. The product is designed to have both amazing anti-aging properties for long-term use, but also generally to improve skin structure regardless of the skin condition to be addressed.
SUPERFOOD acts as an energy boost to the skin, and the skin gets immediate glow and freshness right after application. Long-term effects speak for themselves – 10 out of 10 test subjects get reduced wrinkle length and depth after 8 weeks of use.

What can serum like face cream not? Do you have to use both?

Serum and face cream are designed to have different purposes. As mentioned, a serum is highly concentrated and more thinly fluid with a lower fat content than face cream. That means the serum draws quickly and deeply into the skin to make its effects. But it also means that the serum does not alone manage to supply the skin with enough fatty acids. Fatty acids are a very important component of the cell membrane, and fatty acids are absolutely essential for optimal cellular function. Supplying the correct fatty acids is therefore of great importance in terms of enhancing the skin’s barrier function. And here come day and night creams. They have a higher fat content than serum, and are therefore important in strengthening the skin’s barrier function and natural defenses. By using both serum and face cream you achieve a completely different effect on, for example, wrinkles. The serum enhances the effect of day and night cream, while the face creams act synergistically with the serum, adding moisture and fatty acids to the skin.

How to use serum?

Serum is applied to clean skin and massaged easily into the skin of the face and neck. The serum is rapidly absorbed, and you can apply day or night cream immediately. Serum is highly concentrated products and therefore in use. A pump or a few drops is often enough. One tip is also to use serum on the thin skin of the chest. An area that many people often forget.

Therefore, we believe that SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamin face gel is the ultimate serum!

Before we started developing SUPERFOOD, the goal was clear. We wanted to make the ultimate serum. The only serum you need – whatever the problem, skin type, age and skin condition. In addition, SUPERFOOD should not only catalyze the effect of day cream or night cream. It would also produce outstanding effects alone, even if SUPERFOOD was the only skin care product you used. We have therefore developed SUPERFOOD with mechanisms of action that go far beyond the usual serum functions. We also call SUPERFOOD for a multifunction gel instead of a serum. SUPERFOOD can be used as a serum, used alone on the skin, to add glow and refresh the skin during the day, as eye gel or on skin that needs some extra attention.

Effect documented in clinical trials!

Clinical studies performed on SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamin face gel show after 8 weeks of use:

  • 10 out of 10 get reduced length of wrinkles
  • 10 out of 10 get reduced depth of wrinkles
  • 10 out of 10 get increased skin tightness
  • 10 out of 10 get increased skin elasticity

SUPERFOOD is designed to be used by all skin types and skin conditions. Composition of active ingredients in the product means that both adult skin and younger skin and problem skin with impurities have an extremely good effect of using the product. The broad effect spectrum is due to the combination of ingredients with high dose vitamin B3 (Niacinamide 4%), high dose vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol 5%), sea buckthorn extract with natural vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin E. The well-documented active ingredients:

  • improves the skin’s barrier function
  • improve the skin’s moisture content and elasticity
  • reduces hyperpigmentation
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • counteracts irritation and dryness through anti-inflammatory properties


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