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Skin care products with superior effect!


Developed by Norwegian doctors: Dr.Ankerstjerne is a skin care product that actually works and gives you healthy skin with glow!

Newly launched Dr.Ankerstjerne has become a great beauty favorite in Norway in record time. The reason is simple. The products of the Dr. Anchor Star have a rapid noticeable effect, are easy to use and have a great ability to quickly penetrate the skin. The products provide a healthy, fresh and glowing skin.


Dr.Ankerstjerne is a skin care products that actually works, as well as being easy to use!

Stine and André Ankerstjerne are the founders of the skin care brand Dr.Ankerstjerne. The Danish-Norwegian couple are boyh medical doctors. They have developed a series of luxurious quality products specifically aimed at Scandinavian conditions.

The doctors behind Dr.Ankerstjerne revolutionize advanced skin care. The goal is to make effective skin care easy to use by combining simple skin care routines with advanced cosmeceuticals. It should be effective and fast to get radiant and healthy skin. The products contain multiple active ingredients, which at high concentrations and with a broad spectrum of effects provide synergy and act on many target areas of the skin simultaneously. The result is to see, measure and feel!

Products that strengthen the skin’s own defense mechanisms

Many people struggle with skin that can be both dry and flaky, irritated and at the same time have oily areas with acne. This is often due to the fact that the skin’s defense mechanisms are reduced. The skin is continually bombarded by changing weather conditions, UV rays, air pollution, cosmetics, tough skin treatments and hormonal changes. Weakened defense mechanisms in the skin cause increased fluid loss from the skin, inflammation and oxidative stress. This results in increased sensitivity, irritation, dry and pimple skin with increased sebum production. In addition, skin in imbalance is much more susceptible to harmful external influences that cause premature aging.

Products with proven effect!

In contrast to most other market players, the effects in the products have been investigated in clinical studies. After 8 weeks of use, clinical studies show superior anti-wrinkle properties:

Beauty influences favorite

SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamin face gel – It’s a bit of a name – but it’s also a bit of a product! This multifunctional gel is an absolute bestseller who has become a fixture in the skin care routines of many of the country’s greatest beauty influences. The skin gets instant glow and resilience. Long-term effects improve skin qualities, increase skin firmness, reduce wrinkles and pigment changes.


Clinical studies over 8 weeks show:

  • 10 out of 10 get reduced length of wrinkles
  • 10 out of 10 get reduced depth of wrinkles
  • 10 out of 10 get increased skin firmness
  • 10 out of 10 get increased skin elasticity


Dr.Ankerstjernes Superfood can be used alone, such as serum under your day or night cream, as eye gel or on top of makeup for extra glow.

A bottle of superfood facegel from DR. Ankerstjerne

URBAN PROTECTION daycream is the ultimate day cream with sun protection

High SPF. Wide spectrum UV protection. UVA + UVB filter. Amazing anti-age properties. Protection against air pollution. Fantastic penetration ability. What more could one want?

URBAN PROTECTON daycream is the perfect skin protection in a busy everyday life – an absolute summer must-have!

  • SPF 30 + UVA
  • Broad-spectrum UV protection
  • 24% reduction in length of wrinkle
  • Increased skin tightness and elasticity
  • Amazing anti-aging properties
  • Protects against the harmful effects of air pollution on the skin

The only skin care products you need!

Dr.Ankerstjerne-products are specifically designed to improve the skin’s own defense mechanisms and enhance the skin’s barrier functions. In addition, the skin is supplied with a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and active ingredients that repair old skin damage.

With the goal of simplifying advanced skin care, 4 products are all you need for a complete skin care routine!

We have collected our products in two beautiful gift set – THE SET and THE SUN SET. The perfect gift for anyone who is concerned with skin care.

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