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Sea buckthorn fruit extract


Our SUPERFOOD multipurpose vitamin face gel contains Sea Buckthorn fruit extract, which is a natural source rich in vitamin-C known for reducing oxidative stress. This ingredient has become a “super food” thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. For people suffering from excema, rosacea and even acne – this is an ingredient you’ll be happy to meet! Studies have shown that Sea Buckthorn fruit extract can improve skin elasticity through increased collagen contraction. It has also shown a hydrating effect. Sea Buckthorn fruit extract is also used for soothing sore and irritated skin. Recent laboratory studies have suggested that Sea Buckthorn fruit extract have anti-inflammatory effects related to it’s content of Flavonoids. A newly published laboratory study has shown beneficial results in reducing atopic dermatitis-like (eczema) skin lesions, by deregulating inflammatory